CNC Edge

CNC Edge is our new, proprietary hardware component making machine connection easier, and more secure. The hardware and architecture are cutting edge, and has our MT Connect Adaptors embedded on the device.

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The Secure gateway for industrial IoT solutions

Safely connect your CNC Machine to your network.

As part of Industry 4.0, networking of CNC Machines is increasing. Machine events are collected and evaluated in the cloud to optimize manufacturing. Networking of CNC Machines is a major challenge, because the machines from different manufacturers have different capabilities and never speak the same data language. CNC Edge secures and harmonizes communication between CNC Machine data sources, analyses it and forwards it to MT Connect.

Built For Machine Tools

CNC Edge utilizes our own MT Connect Adapters for Fanuc, Siemens, Mazak, Brother, Heidenhain, Citizen, and OPC. Nobody else offers this.

Designed by CNC Data.

Build custom logic and input forms, with zero code. CNC EDGE is built on a custom Yocto Linux System, designed by embeded experts for CNC Data. Yet it’s open source and very expandable, meaning it can and will grow with your machine.

Smarter Security for Manufacturing Whitepaper - Symantec

Plan your route to Connected Manufacturing, and understand the risks.

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