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Machine monitoring with CNC Connect will measure and improve your OEE (overall equipment efficiency), cycle consistancy and utilisation. You’ll understand where lost seconds can add up to hours how much one machine’s downtime affects the entire process, and be more effective in every decision that involves manufacturing, planning and scheduling.

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Measure OEE intuitively without changing your working practices.

Reasons for Downtime are important, however asking the operator to do this on the shop floor whilst getting the machine running not only requires equipment (Tablets, Barcode Scanners) but leads to inaccuracies. CNC Connect has intuitive histrical input for these reasons which allows for discussion after the event, meaning reasons can be assigned once the machine is back up and running, or at the end of a Shift/Day/Week.

A Focus on Cycle Consistency

Cycle Consistency is everything. Inconsistent cycles cause hidden inefficiency. We cut through useless information, and instead answer questions like “Did each cycle run without interruption / Frequent Stops and Starts?”

View and schedule real-time, analytics.