Avon Valley Precision Engineering

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Avon Valley Precision Engineering is a custom part manufacturer, located in Bristol, UK. Their tagline reads “Using the latest CNC technology, AVPE manufactures high-quality precision engineered components for the Aerospace and Defence sectors, supplying Prime, Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers.” The company employs approximately 55 people, and has a diverse variety of CNC machines to produce the different parts their customer base requires.

The Need

The “old way” of data capture (and thus, assessing productivity) was largely human-based, entering how many items were produced over a given time period. This data was not only inaccurate, but also only historical-based. As the company grew, and planned to expand into other industries, efficiency has become more important. The need for real-time data capture across machines and shifts, as well as immediate causes of machine stoppage, became apparent. Knowing these would help the company not only improve overall efficiency, but also better understand their capabilities, which will be vital when supplying other industries.

The Solution

CNC Data presented a hosted/cloud-based solution that brought the key CNC machines on the shop floor online. Some of the more important CNC machines needed customization to be brought online, so CNC Data worked with the OEM to create the technical solution for these machines. In the end, 10 key CNC Machines on the shop floor were brought online with a scalable data capture solution that can further grow with the company.

The Result

AVPE has used the data to better streamline their manufacturing process, and more importantly, have better control over their capacity planning. They can now accurately measure the precise cycle/floor-tofloor times of their components. Their manufacturing process has become more efficient, and added the unexpected benefit of making training easier. Better still, this is hard data which can be utilized not only in planning shifts and product runs, but can also be used on the sales level when demonstrating their capabilities to a prospective client.

To quote AVPE Product Director Ian Humphries:

“We’ve found the capture of CNC Machine data to be essential in measuring, improving, and demonstrating our manufacturing process. I trust CNC Data’s flexibility and capability, and find their support excellent as well. We’re very satisfied.”

Avon Valley