Heidenhain MT Connect Adaptor

Card image cap
iTNC530, TNC620, TNC640

Heidenhain MT Connect Adaptor. Support for Heidenhain CNCs.

Ethernet Server Polls Machine No Machine Configuration

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Component Description CoverageWhy?
Axes Perform linear or rotational motion. Limited
Controller Intelligent or computational part of a Device. Status, mode, execution mode, program, block, line, number of parts, path positon, message, program comment, single block, tool ID, tool name, emergency stop. Limited
Systems Major sub-systems that provide services to a Device. Display alarm messages of the machine. Limited
Door Mechanisms or closures that can cover access portals into a Device. Not Available
Sensor Signal processing unit of a measurement sub-system within a Device. Not Available
Stock Material to which work is applied in a machine or piece of equipment to produce parts. Not Available
Interfaces Information used to coordinate actions and activity between devices or sub-systems and a device. Not Available

iTNC530, TNC620, TNC640 NC.
Heidenhain Option 18 licence.


Ethernet. IP Address Fixed
Sampling rate 1 second.


Server Client Software.
Machine Configuration & Heidenhain Licence.
Server requests from Machine. Server broadcasts to MT Connect Agent.

CNC Data MT Connect Adaptor, available individually, embedded on CNC Edge, and CNC Connect.