MT Connect Factory Assessment

The CNC Data MT Connect Factory Assessment helps you understand if your factory is MT Connect ready. We'll vist the factory evaluate each manufacturing asset, the network and IT infrustructure. Then we'll prepare all the information you need to be successful with MT Connect and if required continue to work with you to deploy whats required.

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Whats Included ?

Assessment Description
Manufacturing Assests CNC Machines
  • OEM Support
  • Does OEM support MT Connect, is OEM option practical? Does machine software need updating?

  • Adaptors
  • What Adaptors are available? How are they deployed?

  • Configuration & Setup
  • Machine Configuration, Network IP Setup and Protocol Configuration

Automation Equipment
  • Hardware Modules
  • Does the Equipment have an external interface, whats required to enable?

  • IO Address Mapping
  • What signals are required, does the signal Software conditioning, how are they identified?

  • Configuration & Setup
  • Equipment Configuration, Network IP Setup and Protocol Configuration

Network Security
  • Network Separation
  • How is Automation Network isolated from Business Network?

  • Risk Assessment
  • Is equipment protected, is Firmware up to date, How is Windows Protected from intrusion?

  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Assignment of IP Address's, is machine capable of connecting to Automation Network?

  • IP Packet Testing
  • Is cabling sufficent & robust? Any corrective actions?

IT infrastructure Server infrastructure
  • OS Compatability
  • Does the Server OS meet project requirements? Whats configuration is required?

  • Network Integration
  • What Protocols and Ports are required? How is a Firewall configured?

  • Installation & Configuration
  • What Software is required? Define User accounts & permissions.

  • Compliance with IT Policies
  • How is configuration managed? Whats the disaster recovery / change control plan?

Why MT Connect?

Digital manufacturing depends on data from a diverse set of industrial equipment on the factory floor. Uniform, robust communications are part of the necessary infrastructure for modern business systems and 21st century analysis and decision-making.

The MTConnect standard enables manufacturing equipment to provide data in structured XML rather than proprietary formats. Having uniform data opens up a world of new applications for industry.

MT Connect data sources include things like production equipment, sensor packages, and other hardware. Applications using MTConnect data provide more efficient operations, improved production optimization, and increased productivity. MTConnect Institute

What is an Adaptor?

An MT Connect Adaptor via Ethernet queries CNC Machines using many different manufacturer specific protcols. Instead of then using a locked away proprietary data format, the Adaptor will translate the information recieved into the MT Connect standard. this allows for any MT Connect compatable system or application to utilise the data.