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CNC Connect - Machine Monitoring for Advanced Manufacturing

Our proprietary CNC Connect application is our workhorse. It allows a complete understanding of your entire workflow and CNC Machine manufacturing process, because it merges machine data with offmachine data (shift plans, machine availability, etc.)

With it, you can get the entire picture of the shop floor and related departments, and see where changes / improvements can be made to increase efficiency.


MT BASE - SQL Server for MT Connect

HAVE MT CONNECT? WHY NOT USE IT! MT Base interacts with MT Connect and archives collected / changed data, while keeping said data in the same MT Connect standard format. This allows for an almost unlimited number of data snapshots, and ensures up to the minute data is available for other applications.

Generated directly from the MT Connect XML Schema, MT Base is desgned for MT Connect.


MT Connect Agents

If you have a CNC Machine it's likely we can make it speak MT Connect, the industry standard. With MT Connect, a company need only think about machine connectivity one time.

MT Connect is a standards-based protocol (like HTTP is for the internet, or EDI is for business documents). It allows for the connection of a CNC machine to an outside server, and ensures the data can be understood by third-party applications (such as our proprietary applications like CNC Connect.)



You asked, and we developed. CNC Edge is our new, proprietary hardware component making machine connection easier, and more secure.

It’s utilized for older legacy machines that may not have an MT Connect-compatible CNC controller. The hardware and architecture are cutting edge, and ensure that no machine on your shop floor is left out of CNC data collection.