About us

CNC Data is a pioneer in developing cutting edge applications, tools, and methodologies to help global companies manufacture smarter, better, and with unmatched efficiency.

Ours is a young industry, and we’ve been on the forefront of every development in CNC Machine data since 2010. We embrace combining open source architecture (MT Connect) with best practice industry standards, allowing for unmatched scalability, and essentially “futureproofing” your data collection and analyzing efforts.

We’re also a company that isn’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We’ll “show” as much as we “tell”, and are as proud of our training and support as we are our proprietary applications and connectivity hardware. We’re located in Bristol, UK, and serve companies across the globe.

CNC Data A UK Private Limited Company. Number 7613539.

We’re professional, approachable, exceptional listeners, and we’re not afraid to roll our sleeves up when necessary.
If making your manufacturing capabilities more efficient will increase overall revenue, then you’re exactly the type of company we can really help.
Machines are connected quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime. Rules-based reporting begins in real time.
We work with you onsite, and get a full understanding of what you do, how you do it, and what roadblocks you may be experiencing.