Our proprietary CNC Connect application is our workhorse. It allows a complete understanding of your entire workflow and CNC Machine manufacturing process.


CNC Machine Productivity


Understand where lost seconds can add up to hours

With CNC Connect, you’ll understand where lost seconds can add up to hours, why (and where) certain shifts outperform others, how much one machine’s downtime affects the entire process, and be more effective in every decision that involves manufacturing, planning, factory shift scheduling, new products, and much more

A Focus on Cycle Consistency

Cycle Consistency is everything. Your OEE can still be good even when you cycles are inconsistent causing hidden inefficiency. We cut through useless information, and instead answer questions like “Did each cycle run without interruption / Frequent Stops and Starts?”

Remove Operator Input

Reasons for Downtime are important, however asking the operator to do this on the shop floor whilst getting the machine running not only requires equipment (Tablets, Barcode Scanners) but leads to inaccuracies. CNC Connect has intuitive histrical input for these reasons which allows for discussion after the event, meaning reasons can be assigned once the machine is back up and running, or at the end of a Shift/Day/Week.

Visual Timeline

View events, and activities on a best of class timeline


label off machine events, downtime, quality & shifts

Historical Input

Assign downtime after the event.


Configurable notifications for desktop & mobile.

Clever features, for the intelligent Shop Floor

Groups for all

Easily organise, machines, shifts, users & activites.

Use Your CNC Machine Data to Make Better Decisions

We setup and configure CNC Connect for clients, and train you in its use. We also continually assist with help with in-depth analysis, specific data mining, consulting, and support. We’re experts in making sure shop floors make incremental improvements to reach expected benchmarks, with the goal of improved efficiency always in sight.

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Minutes to Setup A Machine

Yes, it really is that simple. Plug. Click. Done. It’s (almost) child’s play.


Days to get value from data

You will start seeing useful data right away, but we recommend 5 days to get solid picture.


Days to see Improved Productivty

Use what you learn to make improvements, and watch your productivity start to soar.